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About Jasmine


Hi there…. My name is Jasmine Platt.

I work as an international coach, trainer and blogger from Auckland, New Zealand.

My background is in coaching, communication, and personal, leadership, spiritual + business development.

I have spent the last 14 years as a mentor, coach and seminar leader, teaching how to create the life you want.

I help people to create what matters to them.

I do that in different ways: some free, some paid.

My blog is how I help people for free.

I also offer public workshopsspeaking events, coaching and mentoring programs for people who want to achieve their goals.

If you’ve got goals you’d like help to achieve, you can check out my public workshop options – or click here to find out if we’d be a good fit to work together privately.

I have been featured in multiple, including several in bestselling series, alongside authors like Marianne Williamson, Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley and Bob Doyle and Dr Joe Vitale from The Secret.

I have been interviewed numerous times, including being featured in a global thought-leaders summit alongside Dr John Demartini, Dr Bruce Lipton, Brandon BaysSonia Choquette and Dr John Gray.

I have been quoted, spotlighted or featured in articles, including NEXT magazine, The Australian Women’s Weekly and Good Health magazine.

I’ve delivered talks and workshops in Auckland, Gold Coast, Sydney, Las Vegas, Portland and Florida – and I’ve been featured as a speaker at several retreats and events.

I am married, with two great kids, and a weird little poodle/griffin cross called Max.

On Social? You can connect with me here on Instagram. Or here on Facebook.

About My Blog

This blog was born out of a passion + commitment to help great people create an epic, soul-aligned life.

Because, let’s face it, struggle to create what we want sucks.

And so too does creating a life that is out-of-whack with your soul.

Yet these are two things people struggle with.

A lot.

To that end, there are a few things I’m super passionate about, that I’m going to talk about on this blog….

Goals – and how to achieve them

Things like:

  • How to achieve your goals, even when you’ve tried and struggled and have no idea what to do differently
  • How to create things that matter to you
  • Why you might have struggled in the past to create what you want
  • How to make great money + hit your financial goals
  • How to lose weight when you’ve tried and failed a million times
  • How to let go of stress and worrying on the way to your goals
  • How to have an epic career or business you love


Things like:

  • How you can’t change your partner + why you should quit trying
  • How to rekindle intimacy and sex in a marriage that’s gotten a bit ‘routine’
  • How to create clean, clear, effective boundaries with your partner, father, mother-in-law, or anyone else who is stepping all over your parade and needs, quite frankly, to back up their truck
  • How to decide who to take with you in life (and just as importantly, who to leave behind)


Things like:

  • How to raise happy, soul-aligned kids – kids who are well set up to loooove their life
  • How to stop yelling at your kids so much
  • How to make those difficult, day-to-day decisions on practical stuff that parents often struggle with (like food, freedoms, friendships, conflict, relationships, step-parenting, etc) – and know confidently what to change, say, do differently as they learn, grow and mature


Things like:

  • How to live true to your soul + line your life up with who you truly are
  • How to identify your true values + create your life from them (and not live by someone else’s rules)
  • How to let go of worrying about what others think of you (oooooo, THIS would be good, right?!)
  • Why commonly taught personal development ideas don’t work (nope, it’s not you!)
  • How to shed the issues, burdens + dark energy shit you’ve been carrying around for waaaay too long (#squeeeeee)

In this blog, I’m going to talk about all of it.

On this page, you’ll learn about the special bonuses of being a subscriber (beyond learning how to achieve your goals + create your dream life, of course!)

If, after clicking away from my site, you want to receive future posts direct to your inbox, you can subscribe below.

I hope you enjoy and get what you need here.

Let’s party – and ride the ‘creating an epic life’ waves together!

P.S. Other stuff about me can be found here (in case you’re interested).

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