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How to Achieve Your Goals + Create What Matters to You

achieve your goals

Want to achieve your goals?

If you’ve arrived on this post, I’m guessing you’ve got a goal that is important to you. (Maybe a number of them).

Maybe there is something specific you are struggling with in trying to achieve your goals, like motivation or follow-through.

Maybe you have a theory about why you’re struggling.  Like a self belief or spiritual misalignment issue.

But no matter how hard you try to sort it out, you aren’t getting any closer to your end goal.

Or maybe you simply don’t know how to get there.

Either way, it’s likely you’re wondering what you might be missing.

So today, I want to share what you what you need to know to achieve your goals + create what matters to you.

This is post number one in a series that will teach you a way of thinking about your goals and how to achieve them. It’ll likely be something that you have probably never heard of – and yet is critical to you actually achieving what matters to you.

The ONE THING You Need to Do to Achieve Your Goals + Create What Matters to You

Know where to put your focus

When trying to get to your end goal, there are so many things you could focus on – and that people waste their time and energy focusing on.

Many of which, however, do not – and will not – get them where they want to go.

Part of the problem for people who struggle to achieve their goals is they’ve never been taught how.

But typically they have been told of a number of (incorrect) things they need to focus on.

So, they do what they’re told and focus on what they’ve been told is important.

Regardless of whether it’s a weight-loss goal, a novel you’ve been wanting to write, a new business you want to start, or making a healthy profit on the one you already have, if you don’t know where you need to place your focus, you’ll never get there. 

What You May Have Been Taught to Focus On

Common things that people are taught – or pick up – about how to achieve your goals include:

  • Having a good strategy and plan
  • Taking action
  • Sticking to it + ‘being committed’
  • Building your willpower
  • Believing in yourself
  • Positive thinking
  • Trusting the outcome
  • Visualising / working with the Universe
  • Working on yourself / becoming the best version of yourself
  • Aligning yourself
  • Creating a vibrational frequency at the same frequency as your desired goal

Now, let me be clear…

I’m not saying that all of these are terrible ideas.

I’m just saying they aren’t the answer to the question: how do I achieve my goals?

You can focus on each of them, and still not get what you want.


Several of them are incomplete answers.  Many of them are simply a distracting waste of time. 

For example, you can have a good strategy and plan, and yet not stick to it.

If this happens, and you’ve been told that that is the answer to success, you’ll likely conclude you need better willpower – or maybe to work on your trust in the outcome, or your self belief.

But notice how doing that doesn’t necessarily get you to your outcome.

See, you can work hard at your willpower, or believing in yourself, or trusting the outcome, or thinking positive, and still not get what you want. 

So then where do you go? Taking different actions? Trying different strategies? Visualisation? More alignment with spiritual laws?

Is it working?

If you have been focusing on these, you are obviously free to continue to focus on them. But if they’re not getting you to where you want to go – or not as fast as you’d like – I invite and encourage you to learn why

In this blog series, I’m going to break it down for you.

That way, you can stop wasting your precious time and energy, and get on with actually achieving your goals.

Why You Need to Know Where to Put Your Focus to Achieve Your Goals

When you know where to put your focus, you can get where you want to go.

If you don’t know where to put it, it’s very easy to engage in a fuck-tonne of:

  • Wasting time
  • Actions and activities that don’t lead you to your goal
  • Distracting yourself with the wrong activities
  • Thinking you’re progressing while actually going around in circles
  • Self-doubt
  • Procrastination
  • Mind-fucking yourself
  • Judging yourself
  • Observing the successes of others and wondering what you’re doing wrong
  • Copying other’s strategies, hoping it will work for you
  • Feeling envious and upset by others’ success

Let’s not do that.

To achieve your goals there is one thing you need to focus on.  And a tonne of things that there is zero point thinking about, worrying about, or doing.

And you know what… That’s it.

If you know what you need to be focusing on, the rest is history.

There is nothing else that requires your focus.

Will you have actions to take? For sure. But those will all get sorted out as part of this bigger thing.

So today, I want to teach you what that one bigger thing is that you need to be focusing on. 

Ready to learn about the one thing you need to be focusing on? Read this.

Big love to you – and the achievement of your goals and highest aspirations!

P.S. I also wrote a post about the 8 things people do (+ need to stop doing) when struggling with their goals. In it, I share various common things people do and how each of them are indicators of when people don’t know what to focus on.  (If you’re struggling with your goals, it’s worth a read.

P.S.S. Stumbled upon this blogpost and wondering who I am? Hi. It’s lovely to ‘meet you’. You can read a little of my story here.

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    August 2, 2017 at 2:03 am

    This post was very inspiring to me! I have been need to focus on my goals and really break them down. Thank you for sharing! <3

    • mm
      August 2, 2017 at 3:30 am

      Thanks so much, Cassie, for your feedback. 🙂 If you read the next post that this one links to, it’ll help you get clear on how to break them down… Enjoy! And please feel free to ask any questions that arise! xo

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