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Bonus Offers for Blog Subscribers

One of my highest values is to help people. My work, both paid and free, enables me to do that. And for that, I’m deeply appreciative.

As a thank you to you, my loyal readers, I offer two things to help you move forwards in your personal and professional lives.


To create what we want, there is often a lot of decisions to make along the way.

Decision making is critical to helping us to move forwards and achieve what we want.

Often though, when there are multiple factors involved, making clear decisions can be really difficult – and cause people to paralyse their progress.

Because it matters to me that my subscribers are able to create the lives they want, I also have an open door policy and offer for my subscribers for FREE Decision Making Sessions.

If you have a decision to make in your personal or professional life that feels complex and hard to make, click here to learn more + to request a Decision Making Session.


If you have a goal, and you’re not sure how to achieve it, I have put aside a session each month in my diary for you,  my valued readers.

To enter the draw to win the free session, simply send me an email telling me about your goal + what you’re trying to achieve – along with any other info about what you’ve tried or what’s going on.

The draw is done on the 30th of each month – and the winner, notified by email.

Each month starts anew. In other words, if you don’t win, but you’d still like to win a session, please apply again the following month.

Please note that the draw is for subscribers only. If you are not currently a subscriber, you must subscribe first before entering. (You can do that below).

If you are not a subscriber, but you’d like to receive blog posts direct to your inbox, and have access to my special blog subscriber benefits, please fill in your details below to subscribe. (I promise to keep your details confidential.)

Big love to you – and to creating what matters to you!

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