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Let’s be honest… Relationships can be amaaaaazing!

They can be fun, close, connected, precious, life-long. And frankly, delicious.

Orrrrrr…. they can cause us a total pain in our behinds.

Sometimes people can be frustrating, triggering, mean, selfish, and just plain awful and toxic.

And knowing what to do with it can be really challenging.

Sometimes those people live under the same roof as us. Or they are people it is hard to get away from without creating a major issue.

When things aren’t going as we’d like with the people in our lives, God knows, it can bring up a ton of stress and challenge!

I’d like to help you address the challenges you’re having with the people in your life.

Maybe it’s a boss behaving badly. Or a partner, whose persistent, irritating habits are driving you crazy.

Or maybe you’re exploring your relationship with your children + how to be a better (less cranky?) parent. (See the section on parenting for this).

What I’m going to cover here….

I am going to share some posts to help you think more clearly about relationships. And help you address some of the common relationship challenges that drive people to drink!

I’ll also share some tools + strategies that have helped me personally to get beyond pulling my hair out, when things haven’t gone the way I’d like. Things that hopefully will help you reflect on the people + situations in your own relationships that you’d like to have go better than they do.

These posts will be made available VERY SOON!

In the meantime, feel free to peruse around. Stay as long, or as short as you like. :)

Big love to you + your delicious relationships!

P.S.  If you have a specific relationship challenge you’d like help with,feel free to send me an email, and if I think I can help shed some light or ideas on what you can do, I’ll be sure to make time to write a post on it. My contact details are here.  I’ll let you know when I’ve loaded the post up for you.

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