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Hey. If you’re a journalist, producer, editor or blogger, this page is for you.

You’ll find my head shots, bio and more. Enjoy!


The basics:

– I work as a blogger and coach. I am also a published author.

– My clients range from spiritual healers to CEO’s to entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers.

– You can refer to me as a “relationship coach”, “soul alignment coach”, “freedom-fighting life coach” or as an “author, blogger and relationship expert.”

– I am based in Auckland, New Zealand.

– My email address is: jasmine@jasmineplatt.com


I can share insights on:

– How to create a goal or outcome that matters to you

– How to live true to your soul

– How to build an awesome, inspired life with (or without) a partner

– How to know whether to stay in a relationship or not

– How to lose weight when you’ve tried everything and you keep falling off the wagon

– How to communicate to get your husband (or wife!) onboard to your way of thinking

– How to create an epic marriage, even if there’s something crazy-difficult in the way

– Many other topics! If it’s related to life, goals, success, spirituality or relationships, I’ve probably got something to share.


Past projects & media appearances.

I have been featured in three books, including two in a bestselling series, alongside authors such as Marianne Williamson and Bob Doyle and Joe Vitale from The Secret.

I have been quoted, spotlighted or featured in articles, including NEXT magazine, The Australian Women’s Weekly and Good Health magazine.

I have been interviewed numerous times, including and featured in a global thought-leaders summit alongside many famous names, including: Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, John Gray, Brendon Bays,  Dr John Martini, Sonia Choquette, Dr Bruce Lipton and T. Harv Eker.

I have delivered talks & workshops in Auckland, Gold Coast, Sydney, Las Vegas, Portland and Florida.


You can book me for:

– Private workshops and seminars
– Speaking engagements
– Panel events
– Interviews
– Radio and TV appearances

If you need a quick sound bite statement for your article, blog post or book, I’m happy to help out with that, too.

Again, my email address is: jasmine@jasmineplatt.com

Thank you for reaching out!



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Photos by: Robin Smith



Jasmine Platt is a life + soul-alignment coach based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is the co-author of three books, including a book in a bestselling series on soulful relationships.

Her life and her work has been featured in numerous magazines including NEXT, Australian Womens Weekly and Good Health magazine.

Jasmine lives with her husband, two daughters and their rascal dog, Max. She aspires, one day to meet Brene Brown and buy a house with a wardrobe big enough to cope with her (slightly, by self-admission, out-of-control) shopping addiction.


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