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My advice policy.

I love sharing what I know & offering helpful advice as often as I can — but I do not offer “free advice” via email.

Instead, I have an advice column. If you have a question that you’d like my answer to, send it to me.

I can’t answer every question I receive, but if I choose to answer yours for an upcoming column, I will send you a personal note to let you know.

A Note on Brevity:  please keep any background to your question as short as possible. While your history is important your attention to brevity increases the likelihood I will be able to publish a response to your question in a way that respects the time of my readers (which I value).


My sharing and collaborations policies.

I love sharing great ideas.

If you have an idea for an article that you’d like me to share, feel free send it to me. If I feel it would benefit my audience, I would love to share it and I will promptly come back to you on it.

If you would like to collaborate or partner with me on something, feel free to float your idea past me. I’m always open to ideas. Because my audience are my primary concern, if I feel it would benefit them, I’ll certainly be in touch.


My privacy policy.

A few times a week, I send an email to people who want to hear from me.

I share ideas that I think (and hope) will be useful. I share what’s on my mind. I usually share a few recent articles and projects, too. I strive to keep it interesting, useful and encouraging.

I promise to treat your email address with love, respect + confidentiality.

To subscribe, please sign up here. Thank you.


My re-publishing policy.

If you see a post on my website that resonates with you, feel free to re-publish it on your own site, in your magazine, in your book, on Facebook, or anywhere else that you like.

You don’t have to ask for permission. Just go for it!

All I ask is that you mention my name & link back to my website: jasmineplatt.com

And please drop me an email if you do. I’d love to say thanks and possibly promote your good work.

Oh, and may I add… I love that you liked it!

The exception to this rule is is anything on the site that requires payment.  There is loads of free stuff available here for your enjoyment, which you are welcome to share. Re-publishing paid content on the other hand is stealing.


My media appearances policy.

It is my heart-felt desire to have this blog (+ my work) seriously help couples create extraordinary, juicy, sexy lives, full of fun + happiness + mischief.

And my mission + motto: The more, the merrier.

If you have a need for a life, relationship or soul alignment expert for a media project: Yes, I do media appearances.  Head over to the media page for more info.


My freedom policy.

One of the things I believe most in, is that power of freedom to choose what we choose. It’s key to a kick-ass life.  (And who doesn’t want a kick-ass life?!)

This blog is an inspired collection of my ideas + those of others whose ideas I like.

Please know that, while I hope you love them, you do not need to use them. Feel free to do ‘what you will’ with them.  Use them.  Rework them. Or completely ignore them. It’s up to you. (Freedom – ain’t it awesome?!)

Please know that I am not – and cannot be responsible for anything you do or choose (or anything you not do, or do not choose) – or anything that happens thereafter. We are all adults here. (If you’re a kid – or you are not prepared to take ownership of your choices, with love, may I please show you promptly to the door.)

I share my ideas as simply that… ideas to offer you a chance to exercise your wonderful freedom over.


My “comment” policy.

I accept comments on my blog and encourage you to share your comments.

Because JasminePlatt.com is a Love-Only zone, please keep all comments thoughtful and respectful.

If you would like to ask a question or challenge me on something, that’s okay, please send me an email.

If you don’t like what I share, that’s totally okay. You are welcome to leave. I promise to not be offended.

If what I write inspires you to make change in your life, I’m super happy. Please feel free to NOT leave a comment – and instead share what you learn on social media – or use it as fuel to make change in your own life and inspire others to make change in theirs. That will make my day!


Thank you for reading my policies. Have a fab day.

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