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How Creating Change is NOT Always as Simple as ‘Make a Choice’

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A lot of people in the personal development world throw around this idea of ‘choice’ as though everyone is free to choose whatever they want.

But, with respect, it’s actually not true.

Now, I know a lot of people personally who advocate for this idea.

Like, reeeeally good people.

And on the surface this ‘it’s all a choice/make powerful choices’ idea SEEMS like an empowering one. 

But for many people who are struggling, it’s not.

And telling them that it’s as simple as ‘making better choices’ is NOT helpful in helping them to actually do it.

Now, I know some people make choices and create cool results from it.

Big ups for them. (Seriously, that’s awesome – and I celebrate anyone who achieves what matters to them).

But for a lot of people – you maybe? – creating key changes in their lives, or making a new choice that helps them to achieve their goal is NOT that simple.

Today I’m going to share WHY it’s not that simple, and what you actually need to know (+ do) to create true and lasting change.

The reason is that, despite popular opinion, behaviour is NOT governed by choice.

There is a much more powerful, and little-known-about force in play.

Today I want to get into that with you, so you understand what is really governing your choices.  And how to change them. 

Warning: This is NOT a short read. But I hope it seriously changes your life. If you are struggling to create what matters to you, it might make your whole life make sense. It will at least give you the clarity on what you need to do to create real change.

But I’d grab yourself 10 minutes and a cup of coffee first, so you can settle in and digest this properly.


Okay, let’s go… Click here to read on.

Big love to you + to your ability to create change in your life.

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